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July 09, 20242 min read

Hi there everyone!

Jo here, confirmed POD addict, and besotted brand new Nana, banging the drum for print on demand, and today I'm focusing on Etsy.

Many of the items for sale on the Etsy marketplace are non-existent. Well, until they are actually purchased, at least. That's because they are print on demand products, and therefore only created when someone sees the listing and chooses to buy the product. Then it all swings into action: the designated fulfilment company picks the blank product from their shelves and prints (or embroiders) the PODDER's design onto it and then packs and ships it directly to the customer. Hey presto!

Today, to coincide with my own new YouTube Challenge and POD training channel (for people like me who aren’t young, hot, techy whizzkids!), I want to share with you two YouTubers (who ARE!) who I follow to help me with my own Etsy-fulfilled-by-POD journey.

First we have TaylorPOD. Taylor breaks everything down bit by bit and her clear, straightforward delivery makes you feel like anyone can do it and you’re missing a trick if you don’t:

The second is my ultimate print on demand hero, Ryan Hogue, and his wife Mariel. Ryan is known mainly for his Amazon Merch on Demand content, but lately has delved into Etsy, no doubt because he saw the fantastic results Mariel was having.

My own YouTube channel, somewhat unimaginatively titled Jo Wildsmith, covers all areas of print on demand (as well as the huge challenge I’ve set myself!). I will be running whole series on there about each of my favourite ways to POD, and I’ve started with what I consider to be the best place to begin PODDING, Redbubble. Next will be books with Amazon KDP, and then either Etsy or POD123 e-commerce stores. Do come and check it out:

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Jo Wildsmith

Jo Wildsmith is a serial PODDER with masses of worldwide products on sale, without ever having to fulfil an order herself. Jo helps others with their print on demand at Branded & Covered, POD123 and The Publishing Pod.

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