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A full range of services to take you from the very first glimmer of an idea to a fully published manuscript, and then your book on sale via Amazon's global distribution.

Don't want the full service? We also offer a full range of standalone services from proofreading to post-publishing and beyond.

They say everyone has at least one book in them

Is it time to set yours free?

Maybe once you get started you'll find some more in there, too!

Introducing The Publishing Pod

"The Publishing Pod is made up of Storytelling for Success Coach Louisa Herridge and me, POD Queen Jo Wildsmith.

"Louisa is a multi Amazon best selling author and speaker. She will help you to compose and complete your book, whether it is your own personal story, a collection of poems or short stories, a 'how to' manual, or any other full book. She has developed her skill of drawing the subject matter out of the authors she works with and onto the page. As a former English teacher and Positive Psychology Coach, with a degree in English and a masters in Script Writing, Louisa is perfectly positioned to guide you.

"As for me, I've been self-publishing my own books with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for over ten years, both as paperbacks and e-books. Books sold via KDP are a form of POD, Print on Demand, and I've expanded my POD prowess to include clothing, homeware and accessories. I now help others to learn how to create their own merchandise collections with my training company, Branded & Covered.

"I have a business degree and a long, successful career as a sales executive and manager behind me, which, combined with my technical know-how, complements Louisa's Storytelling for Success skills to give you the full benefit of our expertise."

...and we have enlisted the help of an incredible graphic designer, too

because while Louisa will help you compose and write your book, and Jo will do the tech side, you'll also need an enticing cover and social media images to promote your masterpiece. Our approachable and super-skilled graphic designer, Simon Clements, brings his years of experience, creativity and know-how.

The Publishing Pod Packages

The Support Package - Proof & Publish

Our entry level package, supporting you to self-publish on Amazon KDP but with the hybrid support of a professional proof-reader, formatter and graphic designer. All the royalties and copyright will be yours and we will support you through to launch. We will proofread your final draft, it will be professionally formatted and uploaded to KDP with research into the best categories to suit your launch plan.

You will meet with our graphic designer who will bring the book to life with his book cover design. This service is included with all of our packages.

The Planning Package - Plan, Proof & Publish

If you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, then The Planning Package is what you need. This plan includes two 1-1 planning sessions to support you in getting clear on your message, purpose and ideal reader, and using Louisa's Storytelling for Success Method together you will plan your aligned blueprint and agree a date for final draft. Then you are left to complete in your own time. When your manuscript is returned to us, we will proofread and publish.

The Editing Package - Edit, Proof & Publish

Our popular mid-range package. If you are confident to plan and write your first draft, then Louisa can step in to edit and make suggestions to improve your final draft. You will have a 1-1-feedback session with Louisa and then you can complete your final draft. We will then take over and with proofread and publish.

VIP - The Publishing Accelerator – The Full Works

The Publishing Accelerator is our VIP package, which includes VIP 1-1s throughout the process. It includes planning support, but then gives you further direction by supporting you to plan and write your 8000-word introduction, which is edited and feedback given in a 1-1. We will then agree a date for final draft and then leave you to complete in your own time. When returned to us we will edit, give feedback on your draft on another 1-1 call, and then proofread and publish with Jo.

VIP - The Author Accelerator - Ten Month VIP Writing Programme

If you prefer full 1-1 support and accountability, our fully VIP plan is The Author Accelerator. Louisa will meet with you online, so that you can confidentially share the brief of your book and together you will will tap into your message, purpose, and audience to make sure that the book is on brand and giving the right message. You will plan a detailed blueprint together and then set writing/word count targets over an agreed period. You will meet with Louisa monthly for mentoring and have access to her via Voice Notes for ongoing support over the writing period. She will then edit the first draft of book; it will be returned to you, and you will meet again for Louisa to give you notes and support for your final draft. The final draft will be proofread and then Jo will begin the publishing process. A 10-month time frame is ideal from start to publish, with roughly 7 months needed to write an average 40k word book. You can, of course, write this in a shorter time frame, which we can discuss.

Advance to Audio - Your Written Book Becomes an Audiobook

Currently only available to those who have created their book with The Publishing Pod, Jo will equip you with everything you need (and need to know) to record your book. If you do not want to record your book in your own voice, we will arrange a voice artist for you. We then process and refine your recording sessions, ensuring a high quality finished audiobook, which we will then upload on your behalf.

Book Collaborations

All of the above packages are available for collaborative works as well as sole-author books.

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I know I want to write a book, but I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely, yes!

Louisa has guided people who have come to her with the tiniest glimmer of an idea and helped them to build upon it to write their fully formed book.

The best thing to do is book a totally free chat with Louisa and she will be able to advise you.

Book a chat here, with no obligation whatsoever.

What is the difference between a Collaboration Book and a Full, Sole-Author one?

Collaboration Books are exactly as they sound, a group of authors bringing their stories together to form a book. Each has their own chapter.

At The Publishing Pod, we can help you as a Collaborator in one of our own Collaboration Books, or as the instigator of a Collaboration. Perhaps your business or group lends itself to a Collaboration Book of your own, with chapters penned by your colleagues, team or even clients.

A Full, Sole-Author Book is one that you write in its entirety yourself. While this is by no means a small undertaking, writing your own book is one of the most satisfying things you can do, and it will take your visibility to new levels.

Whichever option is best for you, we are going to be with you every step of the way.

Louisa will help you form your book, and Jo will make sure it's available for your readers as both an e-book and a paperback.

Book a chat now to find out more.

Do I have to do my whole book with you, or do you offer individual, distinct services, such as proofreading?

We can offer all aspects either as complete packages or separate services.

Simply have a free chat with us and we will be able to provide our tariff.

Can I pay monthly?

We are happy to arrange split payments for you once we know your requirements.

Who will create my book's cover?

We are in the privileged position of working with an amazing graphic designer, Simon Clements.

Simon will not only consult with you to make sure your cover is exactly what you either imagined or even better, but also give you a collection of social media images to help you promote your fabulous new book.

So who is Simon Clements?

Simon says, "After finishing a HND in Graphic Design and Advertising, I was approached by Cadbury Trebor Basset at my end of year show. They loved my work, and offered me a job in their in- house design team, based in Bourneville, Birmingham.

"After facing a tough decision, due to health issues I had at that time, I decided to go it alone and start my own business. It was the best decision I ever made! I’ve been lucky enough to help many clients over the years, globally as well as nationally, and I have loved every minute!

"I’m passionate about my work, and also pride myself on being honest, reliable and loyal to all of my clients!

"I believe in the design process that I have in place. It’s a collaboration between myself and you, the client, to ensure that your end result looks good, delivers the right message, and that it’s something you’re proud of!"

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How do I earn from my book sales?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing pays its authors royalties.

Royalties are the amount the customer has paid for the book, minus Amazon's print and fulfilment costs. Amazon KDP pay royalties monthly, 60 days later.

If you write a Full Book as a Sole Author, you will receive all of your royalties.

In the case of a Collaboration Book, the instigator of the book will receive the royalties.

Often, Collaboration Book royalties are donated to charity, and this is the case with Louisa and The Publishing Pod's first Collaboration Book, If I Could Tell Her... Stories of Learning, Growth and Personal Power.

How much you charge for your book will be up to you. We will advise you as part of The Publishing Pod journey.

Can you guarantee my book will become an Amazon Best Seller?

As an experienced self-publisher on Amazon KDP (and Lulu too!) Jo knows all the tips and tricks to reach Best Seller Status, but it would be unfair and unethical to give you a cast iron guarantee your book will become a Best Seller.

However, we haven't had a miss yet and will pull out all the stops to make sure we never do!

Your book's success, both commercially and as an excellent read, matters to us - after all, it reflects on us as well as you!

Book a chat with us for free, and under no obligation, by clicking here.

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I'd love to turn my book into an audiobook. Can you help with that?

We certainly can!

It is important to us to know that our authors' and our own standards are kept super high, so we only offer this service to authors who have written and published their books with The Publishing Pod. Please book a chat to find out more about our Advance to Audio service by clicking any of the purple 'Book a Chat' buttons.

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